Bake On

A local food delivery business from Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines that sells a variety of flavors of bacon.

How we helped them

Bake On logo and branding

Logo Design and Branding

The logo was illustrated by Louise Leocario. Along with a variety of colors to show the different flavors of bacon Bake On has to offer to be used for the product's physical packaging.‍

The abbreviation below the brand's name signifies what flavor the bacon is. (eg. Honey Maple, Sweet Hickory, Thyme Curred & Rosemary Sugar.)

Bake On logo and branding

Content Strategy & Social Media Management

A series of Marketing research, planning and strategy meetings were held to decide what content would work best with the brand and attract more consumers to Bake On's Social media pages

Graphic Designs for Social Media

Bake On logo and branding

After each marketing research & strategy meeting, we'd have enough content to post for 2 -3 months before we held another meeting.

Pictures and graphic design assets were all designed using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

What our partner
has to say

"TalkinTechPH is amazing! They made our work easier and more flexible by managing my social media page and bringing in a lot of engagement. Thumbs up to them!"

Ivan Jimenez

Founder, Bake On

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